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HI There! 

She's been a performer since the day of her one time only debut as baby lion, performing 'I just can't wait to be king' on the preschool playground.

She's been an artist since the day she decided to grace the white fluffy carpet of her grandparents' house with a colored marker mural, aged two.

Give it a few decades to marinate, and Kelsey is an Alumna of THE Florida State University B.A. Theatre Program, where she studied Performance, Scenic art, and Costuming, and tackled all the art she could handle (no carpets this time, though).

Kelsey is an avid actor, singer, and artist. She's currently living in New York City, auditioning and living her dreams.

UP NEXT: Kelsey is thrilled to be performing in the 'Live From Quarantine' cabaret put on by Tabletop Broadway on Wednesday, June 14th at 8PM EDT! Tickets are only $12-you don't want to miss this fun evening with tons of great performers. TICKET LIINK:

She is also slated to perform in the 'Golden Age 11 O' Clock Numbers' Cabaret at the West End Lounge in NYC as soon as lights start to come back up in the city- Definitely don't miss this one! Tickets are $15 each- feel free to reach out so she can put you on the list:)


Kelsey is actively looking for opportunities all the time, so drop a line in the contact section!

"There's power in looking silly and not caring that you do." 

                                                      - Amy Poehler



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